covid response

To our customers,

Jordon’s Culinary Creations has thankfully been open and afloat throughout the pandemic! We were catering to the many health professionals who put their lives on the line, to service their community. We were happy to put many smiles on faces as they received their yummy care packages, made with love, on a daily basis!

We have always prioritized the safety of our customers, and in these times, this is no different. That’s why we will continue to follow all the latest safety
recommendations by the state and federal government. This includes practicing safe social distancing, complete vaccination of all staff, remaining masked within the kitchen as well as at all events, and constant sanitation and disinfection of all shared service stations.

We also now have the option of providing any menu of your choice, in a box style format, where all items are self contained, and your staff or guest can grab and go!

We are thinking about our customers and look forward to catering the many events that were canceled and delayed due to this pandemic as well as providing quality lunches to our corporate partners when you return back to your offices.

We’re working diligently to adapt to new circumstances while planning for the future. Our customers have always been the heart of our company and some of you we’ve known for so long, we’ve become good friends and even family. We’re grateful to you, your ongoing support, and that you’re doing your part to flatten the curve.

Jordon Alexander
Jordon’s Culinary Creations