raw menu

Entrees include:

* Raw Flax Nachos w/ a sour cashew cheese & Sprouted garbanzo dip
* Raw Burritos w/ a Coconut Wrap and dehydrated Portobello Filling
* Live Tacos w dehydrated Portobello Filling, Sliced Avocado & a Flax Shell
* Raw Sushi Assortment w/ cauliflower Rice & Tamari Dipping Sauce
* Coconut Mango Curry over Vegetables
* Kelp Noodle w/ fresh Pine Pesto
* Zucchini & Carrot Zoodle Medley w/ Cashew Cheese Alfredo
* Live Pizza w/ Flax Crust dehydrated Vegetables topped with sprouts
* Kelp Noodle Pad Thai
* Collard or Cabbage Wraps w/ Walnut Pesto
* Forbidden Lotus Fried Rice w/ Coconut Wrap Lumpia

Desserts include:

* Chocolate Chia Pudding
* Granola over Almond Butter
* Soaked Oatmeal Fruit Parfait
* Avocado Chocolate Moose
* Chocolate Crepes w/ chocolate gnash and macadamia nut filling
* Salted Maple Pecan Vegan Fudge
* Butter Maple Pecan NiceCream made w/ Banana

Because of the time restraints on these types of meals, We are not able to provide multiple Raw Menus for your event, with a limit of 2 Entrees. We will however, complete your menus with other raw items that will correspond with your Entree. If you have any food allergies, please advise upon ordering so that we can make the correct substitutions. Please call for pricing as each menu varies.